Information for Clients

Welcome. We're glad you found us! Pets In The Park provides free essential veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing a form of homelessness. On this page you'll find more information about our charity programs, and how you may be able to access free veterinary services for your pet.



How do I access free veterinary services for my pet?

There are two key things you need to do in order to receive service. Firstly, you need to check whether you are eligble for services. Secondly, you must get a referral from a professional support worker. These steps are described below:

Step 1. Check your eligibility

You are eligible for free veterinary services if you are "experiencing homelessness". The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW) defines this as living in either non-conventional accommodation or 'sleeping rough'   OR   short-term / emergency accommodation due to a lack of other options.

Non-conventional accommodation ("primary homeless") is defined as:

  • living on the streets
  • sleeping in parks
  • squatting
  • staying in cars or railway carriages
  • living in improvised dwellings
  • living in the long grass.

Short-term or emergency accommodation ("secondary homeless") includes:

  • refuges
  • crisis shelters
  • couch surfing or no tenure
  • living temporarily with friends and relatives
  • insecure accommodation on a short-term basis
  • emergency accommodation arranged by a specialist homelessness agency (for example, in hotels, motels and so forth).
Step 2. Get a referral from a support worker

Are you eligible, according to the criteria above? In order to access our free veterinary services, you will need to get a referral from a support worker that confirms your eligibility.

  • If you already have a support worker, please ask them to visit our web page Information for Referring Agencies to learn more about making a referral for you.
  • If you don't have a support worker yet, this is a great opportunity to connect with somebody who can help you and your pet. A great starting point is to find a support worker through your local council, health provider, by searching the web, or using the Ask Izzy service locator.

Referrals allow you to access free veterinary treatment for your pet for up to 6 months. When your referral expires, you'll need to get a new one from your support worker.

Step 3. Organise to attend your local Pets In The Park clinic

Once your support worker has created your referral, you will need to make arrangements to come to your first Pets In The Park clinic.

Some clinics require appointments to attend, and others operate on a first-come-first-served basis. It's really important that you connect with your local clinic BEFORE attending to ensure they have received your referral and have space available to see you.

Find your nearest clinic

What is a Pets In The Park clinic like?

We strive to create clinics that are safe, respectful, professional environments for our clients and volunteers. Pets In The Park is a judgement-free zone, and you and your pet will be made to feel very welcome. Like you, we are animal-lovers and we loooove helping pets and owners!

The veterinarians, vet nurses, and support team running the clinics are all volunteers donating their time to Pets In The Park. Please treat them the same way you would like to be treated — with respect, friendliness, and good humour!

Where do Pets In The Park operate?

Pets In The Park currently operates monthly pop-up clinics in cities throughout Australia, including in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory. The regional clinic contact details, locations, and operating hours can be found by selecting from the list below:


We hope to be launching clinics in other states and territories soon!

What do I need to bring to my first Pets In The Park clinic?

In order to ensure a smooth service, we ask you to bring a few bits and pieces with you to your first veterinary appointment:

  • Information about your pet
    The veterinarian will need basic information about your pet, such as its breed, age, and any health conditions. If possible, it can be helpful to bring any paperwork associated with your pet to the clinic, such as medications being taken, prescriptions, and clinical records.
  • A copy of your referral (if applicable)
    Some PITP clinics may require you to bring a physical copy of the referral form or letter to your first clinic. You will be advised ahead of time if this is the case, and your support worker can typically print this out for you.
  • A leash or carrier for your pet
    Your pet will need to be kept safely under your control at all times before, during, and after every appointment. Dogs must be kept on a leash, and cats must be kept in a secure carrier. If you don't have a leash or a carrier, have a chat to your local clinic - we may have a spare we can rustle up for you!
  • A smile!
    Our pop-up vet clinics are warm, friendly places that are filled with smiles and laughter. Many folks - both volunteers and clients - enjoy the community atmosphere of Pets In The Park. You are sure to meet and socialise with lots of new people and pets. You can help us keep our uniquely friendly environment by bringing a positive attitude!


If I am ineligible for services, or not near a PITP clinic, what are my other options?

If you do not meet the criteria of "experiencing homelessness" for Pets In The Park, or if you are outside our service areas in Australia and are struggling to afford veterinary treatment, you may wish to contact other providers of care. The names and links below are provided as a helpful starting point for locating assistance; however, these organisations are not affiliated with or endorsed by Pets In The Park.



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