Are you a veterinary practice interested in supporting our work? Please read on!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Pets In The Park. We would not be able to sustain our operations without the valuable investment of time and resources from an array of altruistic stakeholders, and this includes many wonderful clinics who want to help us make an impact in the communities we serve. 

There are a number of ways in which private clinics can support what we do, and we are grateful for any support offered. The following list (while not exhaustive) contains ideas for ways clinics can support our charity. Of course, if you have another idea or initiative in mind, we do invite you to contact us!

Idea #1 - Free or concessional services at your practice?

There are natural limitations to what PITP can provide at our onsite charity clinics, and many patients need more advanced diagnostics and treatment that can only occur at an established veterinary practice. We are grateful for any offer of free or concessional services at private clinics – perhaps up to a particular value each month – to help us deliver expanded care to our patients. We can work with you to determine how such an arrangement might work, and we provide your practice with deductible gift receipts for the value of any services you donate to us.

Idea #2 - Encourage colleagues to volunteer for a PITP clinic?

Our clinics are delivered by volunteer veterinarians and vet nurses. They are a great way to meet new people, make a big impact, and have a lot of fun! Do you think your colleagues would be up for the excitement and challenge of joining a PITP clinic? Encouragement among your team can foster trust and interest in joining the PITP cause, and can be a great team-building activity!

Idea #3 - Set up a fundraising event or workplace giving program?

Workplace giving (also known as “payroll giving” or “pre-tax giving”) involves employees consenting to a regular payroll deduction from pre-tax income that is then donated to a charity. Sometimes, businesses match employee donations dollar-for-dollar to enhance the impact of donations, and embed altruism into the workplace culture. Alternatively, you might like to undertake a workplace fundraising drive to help drum up funds to help us sustain our operations. Perhaps you might like to organise a trivia night, raffle, bake sale, casual dress day, fun-run, fitness challenge, etc. The only limit is your imagination!

Idea #4 - Raise awareness for our organisation in your clinic communications?

We are a small charity with a big mission, but in a crowded not-for-profit landscape we do constantly struggle for public visibility. You can help expand our reach and awareness by including Pets In The Park in your clinic communications. Easy and inexpensive ways to help us might include hanging a PITP poster and donation QR code in your waiting area, mentioning us in your clinic’s digital newsletter, and posting about PITP on your social media platforms.


For more information, or to express your interest in providing free/concessional services to Pets In The Park at your clinic, please register via the link below.

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